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برنامج جنة الأسبوعي - مسيساجا
Janna Weekend Program Mississauga Campus

Students who enrol into Janna Weekend Program or MyJanna Online Program enrol into 3 subjects.


Peel District School Board has not yet announced the availability of their buildings for weekend schools.

المنطقة التعليمية في بيل لم تعلن بعد عن اتاحة المباني لمدارس نهاية الأسبوع

1-ARABIC: 12 Levels

Lughaty Janna is a series of 12 levels of custom curriculum authored by the founders and teachers of The Islamic Cultural Center of Toronto over ten years. Full of attractive images, these 17 Arabic books professionally display the Quranic language in a simple, visual and gradual manner, and revolve around Islamic Aqeeda. 

2-QURAN: 12 Levels

A: Al Quran Al Kareem : AlQuran’u Jannaty is a series of 10 levels of custom curriculum authored by the founders and teachers of The Islamic Cultural Center of Toronto. Through these books, students are encouraged to reflect in ayat/verses and answer questions relevant to their lives.

Quran classes are divided into parts;

B: Al Qaiida A’Nuraniyya. This technique helps students acquire the skill of listening, speaking, reading with the correct pronunciation and writing the Arabic language and the Holy Quran, with less effort and in a faster time. Our Quran and Arabic teachers are trained Nuraniyya instructors licensed from Al-Furqan Center for Teaching the Qur’an, Jeddah KSA. Once students complete Al Qaiida, they start reading any Quranic ayat/verses. Older students (11yrs+) start learning Tajweed rules.

Islamic Studies: 6 Levels

Taught with love, these audio/visual classes are classes children and youth look forward to. 

Logical, informative, and enlightening, MiniMuslim and CampIslam classes address minds, soften hearts and implant Aqeeda into the souls of our young ones. Our Islamic Studies classes are taught in English while focusing on teaching Islamic and Quranic terms.

Mini Muslim 1, 2, 3, and 44 to 8 years olds
CampIslam 19-11 year olds
CampIslam 211-16 year olds